Rural Grit is dedicated to the promotion, performance, and preservation of roots music
and strives to provide opportunities for like-minded individuals to further their artistic causes.

Rural Grit Happy Hour

Every Monday
6 - 9 pm
@ The Brick
1727 McGee
Kansas City, MO

"bourbon and gin are on my mind..."

I never tire of saying, "another great night at the Rural Grit Happy Hour." Featured artists tonight included Brian Frame and Campbell's Soup. Prebetweens featured Kc, Mark, David, and even Noah kicked off the night. I especially enjoyed David's rendition of "Red Rockin' Chair." He stretched his voice and the dynamics of the song--making it very haunting. This is one of the joys of the RGHH--musicians stretch and try out a variety of material. Brian Frame came on and sang straight from his soul--"now I'll dance out of my dream." His lyrics and voice are a great combination. Inbetweens tonight featured Betse, Lizabeth and Cheri. Betse and David played a great tune together that reinforced her talent. Check out her solo album--Beste Ellis. Cambell's Soup (Jimmy and Karla Campbell + friends) made the evening comfortable and rockin'. Then good ole' Jubilee at the end. The best part of Jubilee the last month has been watching Noah learn (watch) and then implement what he learned. Next week: Bill Sundhal and The Columns.