Rural Grit is dedicated to the promotion, performance, and preservation of roots music
and strives to provide opportunities for like-minded individuals to further their artistic causes.

Rural Grit Happy Hour

Every Monday
6 - 9 pm
@ The Brick
1727 McGee
Kansas City, MO

June 15 Duets & Trios 6-8pm and then special guest Martha Scanlan

6:00-8:00pm Duets & Trios: Artists that choose to participate place their name in the hat. Duos are drawn; everyone goes off to their corners to practice something; after 5 minutes the musicians are called back to the stage and the performances begin. This crazy cycle repeats itself through out the night--building to a crazy jubilee at the end of the evening. It's always fun to see who's picked together. A great way for novices to cut some chops and for pros to relearn theirs.

8:00-9:00 Martha