Rural Grit is dedicated to the promotion, performance, and preservation of roots music
and strives to provide opportunities for like-minded individuals to further their artistic causes.

Rural Grit Happy Hour

Every Monday
6 - 9 pm
@ The Brick
1727 McGee
Kansas City, MO

WOW---Catch the Columns!!!

Prebetweens provided by Kc, Mark, Brian and David. Kc was on top of his game tonight. His uke and voice were in sync and so was his mojo. Then the Rural Grit All Stars performed. Great stuff from Betse and her friends. That girl is on top of her game and when she is just need to see her in action when you can! Now to Bill. What a joy. He's got stage presence as well as talent. The Columns have a sound that floats into you and sticks. There's a wonderful sca element. All the musicians contribute subtly and in force. Add Bill's voice to this and it is enchanting and solid work. Go see them when you can! Next week: Duets and Trios PLUS Martha Scanlan!